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vote. let's go vote. let's go do this! >> this morning, mitt romney campaigned in florida before heading to virginia this afternoon. then columbus, ohio this evening. later tonight mitt romney will campaign in manchester new hampshire. here is mitt romney today in ohio. >> if the president were to be re-elected, he still won't be able to work with the people in congress, of course, because he's ignored them, he's attacked them, he's blamed them. the debt ceiling will come up again and then there will be a threat of shutdown or defaults. and if that happens, the economy will become frozen and we'll have a harder time with jobs. >> president obama will spend election day in chicago where he will observe his election day ritual of playing basketball. mitt romney will continue to campaign in cleveland ohio and pittsburgh, pennsylvania tomorrow. as of this hour, nate silver of the new york times 538 blog predicts that president obama will win 314, and mitt romney will win 227. the nate silver formula has increased the odds in favor of the president even more. i have very little faith
, wisconsin, nevada, new hampshire. i think we've got an even chance of winning virginia and florida. so it could be a big win. don't just vote. bring your mom, your dad, cousin, knock on the door of your neighbor. let me tell you something, the middle class depends on it. >> joining me from the battleground state of ohio is our own national treasure, chris matthews. it's always great to see you. congratulations on the interviews. how much of that confidence is genuine and how much is spin in the homestretch? >> he felt confident when i talked to him off camera. of course, north carolina, new hampshire and colorado are up in the air. he said virginia and florida would be tough, as well. did you notice the discordance on the right wing of getting along with the other side? on the one hand, the romney is saying we should get along with the other side saying he could work with a republican congress. of course he can, he's a republican. then you have rupert murdoch trashing the governor of new jersey for the same thing, working with the other side. the times of london endorsed obama, so what
president obama at 49% and mitt romney at 45%. in florida, reuters has president obama at 48% and mitt romney at 46%. in michigan, a ppp poll has president obama at 52% and mitt romney at 46%. and in colorado, a ppp poll has president obama at 50% and mitt romney at 46%. in new hampshire, a new england college poll has president obama at 50% and mitt romney at 44%. tonight, nate silver the "new york times" blog forecasts that president obama has an 81% of winning re-election and that he will win 304 electoral college votes and mitt romney will within 234. and the great thing about next week is i will no longer have to say ppp poll. i'm done with that poll. these polls are tight. these polls, you know, i refuse to use the language the poll shows president obama winning 50, because every one of these polls is within the margin of error. every one of them. so they are really showing something that could be a tie, could be tight. for incumbents this is not considered particularly strong polling. when the incumbent is at 48 and the other guy is at 45, that's considered a risky spot for incu
and honest voting process at the ohio secretary of state and florida governor have done everything they can to discourage voting and that's something that we have to be very, very careful of. this has to be a fair election. we've got to be sure that it's a fair election. we're going to be very attentive to that. but i think if it's a fair election we're going to win. there's a lot more enthusiasm for the president than there was two or three months ago. people are really getting excited about this president. the president himself has gotten more exciting, which is nice to see as a passionate person running for office and the third piece is that the republicans have made major missteps. mitt romney -- it's almost impossible to see what mitt romney stands for. he's gone from a severe conservative to a modest moderate and the truth is people think he want to be president because he wants to be president with no particular program or philosophy. that's not really -- you can't win the presidency that way. >> governor, to that way n. terms of the great wall of obuscation, it's probably worth noti
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)